Vitamix works with chains to find optimum beverage blend for paper straws

Strawberry smoothie with paper straw

Vitamix has carried out a series of field tests with multi-site operators to determine the optimum blend consistency for use with paper straws.

With the UK using more than 8.5 billion straws a year but many restaurants and food outlets now switching from plastic to paper for environmental reasons, the blender manufacturer was keen to ensure that heavy duty beverages put through its equipment could be consumed through a paper straw. 

On-site trials conducted by its UK distributor Jestic over recent months put any doubts to rest by demonstrating that even the toughest of whole food ingredients and ice are blended entirely, in just one cycle, eliminating unblended chunks being sucked into the straw.

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Its blenders feature hardened, laser-cut, stainless steel blades and a fine-tuned motor that is designed to generate less heat while providing optimal power.

Steve Morris, sales director at Jestic, said that while demand for operators to switch to paper straws will only increase, paper straws do have their “limitations” when it comes to sturdiness, particularly when consuming a freshly made smoothie or thick shake.

“We have been working closely with a number of key customers and national accounts to trial how the technology in a Vitamix blender can quickly create the optimum blend for paper straws and the results have been impressive,” he said.

“The innovative technology found in a Vitamix blender is able to quickly and consistently blend even the toughest ingredients, first time. This means there is no need to double-blend, which can heat the mix, influencing both flavour and consistency, while also ensuring the smooth mix can easily be poured and consumed through a paper straw.”

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