Vito bangs drum for oil filtration with first ever Nisbets demo display stand

Vito oil filter

Chefs visiting Nisbets’ Shaftsbury Avenue store will now have the chance to get a close-up view of how their kitchens could benefit from the latest oil filtration systems thanks to its growing partnership with Vito.  

From January 10, Vito is setting up a special demo display stand that will run for three months at the central London branch and could be extended to other branches if it proves popular.

The stand will feature a working demo model along with appropriate flyers and filter papers so that prospective clients can touch and feel the system, rather than seeing it in a box on the shelf.

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“Visitors will see a working Vito in the clear plastic drum circulating in yellow coloured water which simulates hot cooking oil – so that the Nisbets staff can demonstrate the Vito as if it were in an actual deep fat fryer,” explained Vito director Iain Addison.

“The reason for a clear plastic drum is so that the ‘Vortex’ cleaning action can clearly be shown, which is the crux of how the Vito cleans and purifies dirty cooking oil so well at cooking oil temperature. Customers will be able to touch and feel the Vito as well as our biodegradable 5 micron filter papers.”

Mr Addison said that Vito hopes to raise awareness of the difference that the Vito system can make to a commercial frying environment, as well as give chefs the chance to get a better understanding of it before purchase.

“We are thrilled with the backing and support from Nisbets and this shows the consumer how confident Nisbets is in our product. Just knowing a chef or manager or anyone can pop in and see a working model at any time only confirms how hugely beneficial it is to both parties. There is also the standard Nisbet 30-day money back guarantee, which should give further confidence.”

Mr Addison said that if the demo stand proves successful he is hopeful that it will be rolled out to other key location stores with high footfall. Nisbets currently operates more than 30 retail showrooms in the UK.

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