Wexiodisk serves up space-saving tray dishwashers with bespoke options for operators

WD-275T tray dishwasher

Wexiodisk has introduced two new tray dishwashers to its UK portfolio in the shape of the WD-215T and WD-275T.

Filling the gap in the market for high-volume, space-saving tray-specific dishwashers, both the WD-215T and WD-275T boast impressive wash capacities despite their deceivingly compact designs.

To put this claim into perspective, with Wexiodisk’s WD-215T model, operators can wash up to 960 standard 530x330mm trays within a single hour, whilst the slightly larger WD-275T model, achieves 1,200 trays within the same, 60-minute time-frame.

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For operators that use non-standard tray sizes, the WD-215T/WD-275T models can also be specified according to the tray sizes used.

David Glover, UK and Ireland country manager at Wexiodisk UK, said: “By allowing our customers to specify their WD-215T/WD-275T model according to the size of the trays that they already use, operators no-longer need to compromise on wash practicality or capacity; instead, they can easily slot a high volume of trays into their bespoke WD-215T/WD-275T model.

“However, it’s not just tray-size that customers can modify on their WD-215T/WD-275T models, but also the level of automation that their chosen model can offer.

“For example, with both of Wexiodisk’s new tray dishwashers, operators can specify for their unit to be integrated with a tray handling system. By investing in an integrated tray handling system, operators will reap the ergonomic, time-saving and hygienic benefits of trays being automatically loaded/unloaded into/out-of their tray dishwasher.”

Both the WD-215T and WD-275T are supplied with large, well-balanced, removable sliding doors which provide operators with easy access for cleaning seals as well as washing, rinsing and drying areas.

An intuitive display panel with integrated HACCP function also comes as standard with both tray dishwasher models, meaning operators can easily monitor the status of wash cycles and critical control points which serve to keep hygiene at the highest level.

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