Wexiodisk wheels in trolley wash to UK market

Wexiodisk is diversifying its offering in the UK market with the launch of a flexible trolley wash aimed at operators with large-scale catering requirements.

The WD-18CW flexible trolley wash is designed primarily for the health, transport and mass catering markets, providing a hygienic and high capacity solution for operators dealing with large volumes of dirty wares.

With a footprint of 4.5 square metres, the WD-18CW is set up to wash large, bulky items such as catering, dispenser, tray and rack trolleys, mobile work stations of different sizes and other items such as crates, boxes and stands.

The unit features three different pre-programmed cycles and can complete up to 40 cycles per hour. Operators can choose from a single or double door appliance depending on their set-up, allowing them to operate a separate dirty and clean area if required.

John Shepherd, the company’s recently appointed UK and Ireland country manager for Wexiodisk, said: “The WD-18CW is an exciting new development to come to the UK market and follows many of the other leading models we’ve launched in the past two years. The Wexiodisk trolley washer is able to complete an impressive 40 washes per hour, yet uses just six litres of fresh water per wash; up to eight times less than manually cleaning the equivalent trolley.”

To ensure the highest levels of hygiene and the effective washing and drying of items, the WD-18CW uses fixed rinse arms in combination with a centrifugal spin, ensuring even the most hard to reach areas are thoroughly cleaned. Upon drying, the spin cycle removes all water residues without applying heat to ensure the natural drying process is accelerated.




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