Williams promises bulk refrigerated storage right where it’s needed

Williams Refrigeration

Bulk refrigerated storage, right where you need it. That’s the promise that Williams Refrigeration is making after launching its versatile and stackable Chef’s Drawer unit with R290 refrigerant.

Williams says that its latest product will maximise refrigerated storage in any kitchen environment where space is limited. Available as either a fridge or a freezer, the Chef’s Drawer accepts 2/1GN pans, up to 150mm deep, and offers a volume of up to 94 litres.

The unit is designed to fit perfectly with the latest prime cooking suites, so that refrigerated ingredients are right where they are needed, at ‘the cook face’.

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Two drawers can be stacked on top of each other to double storage capacity in the same footprint and allow a refrigerator-freezer combination.

The Chef’s Drawer is designed to be totally practical and tough in order to stand up to life in the busiest kitchen. It’s built with stainless steel interior and exterior and can operate in ambient temperatures of up to 43°C. Its drawers and fittings are removable for easy cleaning.

Even the cassette refrigeration system is removable, making servicing and maintenance easy without disturbing the kitchen operation. Low level swivel and brake castors are fitted as standard, making the drawer both totally stable and easily manoeuvrable.

Eco-friendly features include R290 refrigerant and polyurethane insulation with a low GWP and zero ODP.

Williams’ adjustable CoolSmart electronic controller, which has a clear digital display, minimises energy use by monitoring and adjusting the refrigeration system, depending on demand.

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