Winterhalter doesn’t fear carbon footprint comparison with rival brands

Winterhalter PT series

Winterhalter hopes that other catering equipment manufacturers will follow its lead in attaining a ‘Carbon Footprint label’ to demonstrate how green their kit is – and insists it is not worried by the prospect of other brands potentially showing better figures.

The accreditation, awarded by the Carbon Trust, is supported by a tool that allows operators to calculate the lifetime carbon footprint and expected energy costs of all 34 warewasher models that Winterhalter sells in the UK.

Managing director, Stephen Kinkead, claims he would love to see other manufacturers from the industry gain the certification in order to increase transparency in the market place.

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“I would imagine that as other manufacturers go through the same process — and I hope they do — buyers will actually be able to use the calculator to see like-for-like and create a comparison situation. Somebody has got to lead the way, but we would relish other manufacturers stepping up to join us. Really and truly that’s the only way you will get to see a true benchmark.”

Asked for his response if equipment from rival manufacturers came out with more favourable carbon footprint figures, Kinkead said: “There is that possibility, but we’d be surprised if they came up with a superior footprint. This is all about giving the choice to the national account or end-user. This is transparent.”

The full interview can be read in the current issue of Foodservice Equipment Journal, available as a free downloadable digital edition HERE.

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