Winterhalter getting closer to the dishwasher ‘that never breaks down’

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The sophistication of technology used in the latest generation of warewashing equipment means the industry is getting closer to creating a dishwasher “that never breaks down”, Winterhalter has said.

The Germany-based manufacturer, which has its UK headquarters in Milton Keynes, plans to unveil the latest version of its Connected Wash technology in just a few weeks’ time, and while there are clear benefits in terms of running costs and efficiencies, there are also implications for product reliability.

Paul Crowley, marketing manager at Winterhalter, said improvements in the technology available offer the “tantalising” prospect of dishwashers and glasswashers that are “almost” 100% reliable.

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He said: “A dishwasher or glass washer breaking down in the middle of a busy service can be catastrophic. Lots of restaurants only have one dishwasher – there’s no back-up if it stops working, it’s time to deploy the marigolds. That’s why the potential of Connected Wash is so important.

“It can warn your service provider of potential problems before the component fails, which means their engineer can come and fix if before it causes a problem. Probably before staff even realise there is a problem!”

In Winterhalter’s case, Connected Wash allows users to monitor machines remotely via the internet.

As well as warning of technical issues, the system logs performance data and offers suggestions on how to improve efficiency and minimise consumption of water and energy.

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