Mareno’s high performance salamanders provide a fine finish for operators

Mareno salamander from Grande Cuisine

Grande Cuisine has bolstered the range of Mareno cooking equipment it offers by introducing the brand’s high-performance salamander to the UK market.

The electric system is dedicated to providing a professional finish, making it perfect for putting the final touches to dishes, browning gratins and reheating food.

Two models are available, with either three or four heating elements that can be fully or partially activated.

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The elements are housed within a ceramic, reflective dish, protected by a glass diffuser that increases heat transmission.

The SDSM6E measures 600mm x 540m x 500mm, while the wider SDSM7E model is 750mm x 540mm x 500mm, holding GN1/1 and 4/3 containers on a cooking surface of stainless steel grilles.

The easy-to-clean unit heats up rapidly, reaching 230°C in the space of a few seconds resulting in units not having to be left on for increased periods of time to reach and maintain operating temperature.

Units also feature with a holding mode temperature from 40°C to 70°C.

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