Carpigiani slashes energy costs on pasteurising kit by up to 30%

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Energy consumption is a hot topic across the industry – so much so that it has even extended to the gelato-making equipment space.

With caterers keen to reduce their demand for electricity, water and gas through the very latest technology, Carpigiani has launch a new Pastomaster HE range that can produce artisan gelato, sauces and speciality desserts using significantly less energy in the process.

The new Pastomaster HE (High Efficiency) range comes with either a 60 litre or 120 litre tank capacity. As a result of using the latest materials, technology and manufacturing techniques, the appliances in the Pastomaster HE range are able to deliver efficiency savings of up to 30% compared to previous models.

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Pasteurisation is the processes of heating, holding and cooling a mix with precision temperatures and timescales in order to remove harmful bacteria from a raw mix and is a fundamental part of producing artisan gelato from scratch.

A new tank design and large conveyor combine with a specially designed bowl beater and choice of seven mixing speeds to create an optimum churn, resulting in a wonderfully refined, creamy gelato and mixes which can be high in solids.Pastomaster 60 HE

For added versatility, the Pastomaster HE range features seven distinctive programmes to suit the mix, including high, intermediate and low temperature pasteurisation, a specific programme for chocolate and another for sugar syrup.

Depending on the temperature of the mix required, operators can set their own programmes, which are bespoke to their menu requirements, via an intuitive user-interface with a vivid coloured display. Designed to bring out flavour profiles in the mix, the Pastomaster HE range is suitable for producing cream, chocolate, fruit and even yogurt bases, something which has traditionally not been possible in a pasteurisation cycle.

A one-piece tank and pump combine with simple dismantling of parts and a built-in spray tap for rinsing making it quick and easy to clean, whilst saving time in the process.

Scott Duncan, sales director of Carpigiani UK, said: “Energy efficiency has been a key driver in the development of Carpigiani equipment for many years. The launch of the new Pastomaster HE range represents a culmination of years of research and development into manufacturing techniques, raw materials and the very latest in state-of-the-art technology. With energy savings of up to 30% compared to our existing pasteurising equipment, caterers are able to continue to produce wonderfully smooth, rich gelato and sauces, significantly saving on energy consumption in the process.”

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