Rational to launch new series of ‘iKitchen’ events for UK operators


Rational is launching a new series of events under the ‘iKitchen’ moniker that invites users to get a comprehensive understanding of how its technologies can be networked together.

The new venture is an evolution of Rational’s total thermal cooking solution concept combined with its ConnectedCooking digital technology.

Connected cooking networks the Rational appliances into a smart kitchen, with remote control, service maintenance, recipe sharing and automatic software downloads.

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‘iKitchen’ represents what Rational calls the ‘system solution’ consisting of its SelfCookingCenter, VarioCookingCenter and ConnectedCooking concept, which adapts to the size of a kitchen and makes it more productive.

The two cooking systems complement each other in their cooking methods, sharing some of the workload and therefore are flexible in their use.

With ConnectedCooking, Rational’s networking solution, the kitchen turns digital, managing and transferring cooking programs, accessing HACCP data and much more via PC, tablet or mobile.

Operators and chefs will be able to attend iKitchen events where a Rational chef will cook using a combi oven, the SelfCookingCenter, alongside the VarioCookingCenter.

They will show how, in tandem, the two appliances provide flexibility, high volumes of food with consistently high quality results from a compact footprint, and how being networked with ConnectedCooking will deliver all the cooking processes that a modern kitchen requires.

Adam Knights, marketing director at Rational, said: “The events demonstrate how connected modern multifunctional appliances deliver a complete and reliable solution, allowing a foodservice operation to respond any kitchen situation.

“We will show how the latest cooking technology brings benefits to every part of the catering industry, the flexibility of multifunctional appliances means caterers can future-proof their kitchen, making it easy to adapt to changing menus.”

Six iKitchen events are currently scheduled between now and November. They are free to attend, but places are limited.

– 30 May: First Choice Spares, WS11 8LD (Catering: Healthcare/Education/Business & Industry)

– 20 June: Rational UK, LU4 8EF (Catering: Healthcare/Education/Business & Industry)

– 3 July: MEN, Manchester, M3 1AR (Catering: Healthcare/Education/Business & Industry)

– 25 September: MEN, Manchester, M3 1AR (Hotels)

– 23 October: Rational UK, LU4 8EF (Catering: Healthcare/Education/Business & Industry)

– 27 November: First Choice Spares, WS11 8LD (Catering: Healthcare/Education/Business & Industry)

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