COMBI COUNTDOWN: 11 of the best combi ovens on the market today

Unox Cheftop Mind Maps ‘BIG’ range

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to combi ovens these days. We round up some of the newest machines on the market to see what they have to offer.

Convotherm 4 BAKE

In addition to being able to steam, grill, fry and roast items in the same way that you can with the Convotherm 4, the BAKE series allows operators to improve or introduce a baking provision to their site. Combining traditional baking expertise with a space-savvy design which doesn’t require an additional proofing cabinet, the new Convotherm 4 BAKE is the ultimate solution for the notoriously meticulous practise of baking as well as for fulfilling regular combi oven duties.

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The Convotherm 4 BAKE’s multistage ‘BakePro’ feature ensures excellent volume and a perfect sheen with small baked goods, while the newly developed ‘Rise&Ready’ proofing profiles make it possible to ferment evenly formed dough pieces. In order to ensure optimal baking control and accuracy, Welbilt has developed a new ‘TrayView’ display. Exclusive to Convotherm 4 BAKE models, this unique display shows precisely how long individual shelves need to remain in the cooking chamber, automatically recalculating timings according to factors such as the opening of the BAKE’s door.

MKN FlexiCombi TEAM

The MKN combi steamer FlexiCombi TEAM is a single appliance equipped with two cooking chambers so that the user can work in an extremely flexible way with two cooking modes simultaneously. Bread rolls can bake in the lower cooking chamber while at the same time vegetables steam in the upper one, for example.

The appliance is operated using the intuitive MagicPilot touch control, with touchscreens for both cooking chambers situated at eye level in the upper part of the appliance. The comfortable height ensures particularly ergonomic operation of the FlexiCombi TEAM. Meanwhile, the lower door handle is turned 180 degrees for convenience. Cleaning is also simple as the seamless control panel and side walls provide quality standards for uncompromising hygiene.

Unox Cheftop Mind Maps ‘BIG’ range

Having studied the market place for two years, Unox has developed a range of ovens to complement its hugely successful Mind Maps range. Working as a team and examining every process employed by oven users around the world, technicians dissected these processes into movements, actions and reactions to produce independent modules.

Every aspect was studied in detail from energy consumption to serviceability to produce what is the first of many innovations to be launched by Unox in 2019. Using the company’s philosophy of ‘inventive simplification’ and state-of-the-art symmetric design techniques, the new ovens feature cutting-edge technology and will challenge many of the established brands in the market place when they are launched this month, according to the company.

Bonnet Precijet+

The Bonnet Precijet+ provides a comprehensive array of cutting-edge features and a choice of grid levels from six up to 40. It features dual controls and a FastPad 2 display, making it simple and easy to use. Automatic cleaning is important in terms of water usage, chemicals and time — and caterers have the option to pre-determine cleaning schedules.

Many machines claim automatic cleaning, however many still require operator participation. The Precijet+ is truly fully automatic. Cost of ownership is always cheaper over a longer period with energy efficient models and a machine with an auto-clean function can save more than £700 a year against a machine without. Over 10 years that equates to the sort of saving that easily covers the cost of the machine.

Rational SelfCookingCenter XS

The SelfCookingCenter XS combi offers the same functionality and performance as previous models, but on a compact footprint. Measuring just 555mm (d) x 655mm (w) x 567mm (h), the new generation SelfCookingCenter XS combi is ideal for smaller kitchens short on space, or as an additional unit to help out for those busy times.

With a regular maintenance plan, in line with the manufacturer’s specific guidelines, caterers can ensure that their Rational SelfCookingCenter will retain its value and continue to perform well. Rational’s Service Partner Network offers a range of service options ranging from a simple annual preventative maintenance-only visit up to an all-inclusive five-year service package. The packages are based on the unit type and usage to keep prices to a minimum.

Electrolux Professional SkyLine PremiumS

Based on a breakthrough combination of smart technology and human-centred design, the Electrolux SkyLine PremiumS range is available in 6-10 and 20-grid options, and a choice of four different hood levels. Ergonomics formed a fundamental element of the R&D process for the Skyline range, with a view to providing as comfortable a working environment as possible. As a result, the range is the only foodservice appliance to be recognised with Ergocert’s pioneering 4-star certified ergonomics. New innovations include OptiFlow, a revolutionary air circulation system which guarantees uniform heat distribution and constant temperature within the chamber, as well as a new Lambda sensor to provide ultra-precise, real-time humidity control across 101 different settings.

Cooking times are also improved thanks to a an innovative T-Xcelerator control which delivers rapid pre-heating, while a Dry-Xcelerator feature makes switching from humid to dry cooking conditions faster than ever. SkyLine Premium S can directly communicate with the newly-launched SkyLine ChillS range of blast chillers, while all data — from running costs through to recipe programming — can be remotely monitored 24/7 via Electrolux’s OnE online portal.

Houno CombiSlim 1.06

With a footprint of just 513 mm x 811 mm and a height of only 753 mm, the CombiSlim 1.06 is particularly suitable for kitchen environments where working space is at a premium. The touchscreen version of the oven has the capacity for 500 stored recipes, each with up to 15 phases and pre-set programmes. The standard model has the capacity for 50 recipes featuring up to 10 steps. The oven delivers a combination of radiant heat and steam injection, together with a nine-speed reversible fan, for perfect cooking results.

Cooking modes include hot air, steam injection, cook/regeneration and proving, with Delta-T and cook & hold modes available on the touchscreen model. It features an intelligent ten-step humidity control system, CombiSmart, which ensures the correct amount of steam for the perfect balance of food moisture and texture. The CombiSlim 1.06 model is available with ‘Let’s Cook’ cloud-based technology. It provides operators with real-time remote access to all ovens across their estate, via PC, iPad, tablet or smartphone.

Lainox Sapiens

The Sapiens is Lainox’s basic combination oven, which is distributed by Falcon Foodservice Equipment alongside the high-end Naboo series. The Sapiens has manual controls and standard features include an automatic washing system, a multipoint core temperature probe, in-built hand shower and storage of up to 99 recipe programs. A stylish redesign makes it a better-looking unit, while extensive changes to the controls make for simpler operation and a more user-friendly experience.

The biggest improvement in the reloaded Sapiens is the introduction of a new colour display, which replaces the old numeric keypad. The display shows a host of information including recipes, fan speed, washing programs, menus and settings. The Sapiens also now features a variable fan speed, with up to six settings. This delivers tighter control of the cooking process, improving results. Adjusting the fan can also speed up the cooking process, thus reducing energy consumption.

Giorik Kore

The Kore is the new compact slimline combi oven showcasing the Italian combi oven manufacturer’s acclaimed cooking capabilities and delivering a water consumption saving of over 50% on previous models. It measures just 519mm in width but can still accept 1/1GN trays. As an update on the Kompatto, it offers three wash cycles, with tablet or liquid option, and an optional ‘quench’ system, further reducing consumption without affecting cooking results, should operators wish to use it.

The high-performing, multifunction 6 or 10-rack oven comes as gas or electric with an optional boiler version on the latter for low-temperature steaming. 200 pre-set recipes, with 9 phases in each, can be customised by the chef, who can receive remote software updates and technical downloads via the WiFi connectivity. A Delta-T cooking programme, using a core probe for overnight use, puts the unit at the heart of the kitchen.

Eloma Joker

The flexible and compact Joker combi steamer features multi-touch technology, allowing users to slide, wipe or scroll the controls to operate with lightning speed and precision. A touch of the finger also puts all settings where operators want them through its Quick Set function. The Last 20 function remembers the previous 20 cooking processes so nothing is ever lost, while Quick Mode activates predetermined operating sequences for system catering.

400 cooking and baking programs are included, plus a favourites function, and programmes can be adjusted without stopping the machine. The 52cm wide combi steamer has room for six shelves, but there is also flexibility for varying tray sizes, offering ample space from a small footprint. With a temperature range between 30°C and 300°C, and humidity levels from 0 to 100%, the oven takes less than 2.5 minutes to reach 160°C and promises a stable and precise cooking temperature, keeping energy and water consumption to a minimum.

Retigo Blue Vision B1011

Designed to offer everything the demanding foodservice operator needs, the Blue Vision B1011 combi oven produces outstanding results. Controlled through the ‘My Vision controls’, which consists of an eight-inch control panel providing quick and easy access to all key functions, the menu can be adapted to suit personal preferences and has an excellent display response even with greasy hands or when wearing gloves.

With excellent features, fantastic ergonomics and an attractive appearance, the product also places a huge focus on safety, hygiene, energy efficiency and reliability. As one of Retigo’s best-selling sizes of combi oven, the 1011 model can produce between 151 and 250 meals a day and is available in both electric and gas formats. Most recently, the 1011 model was awarded the Energy Star accreditation.

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